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Safety Policy

At ANCHOR, we are committed to providing the processes, facilities, standard training, discipline and work culture to ensure a safe work environment for all employees, contractors, safety for the communities in which we operate, safe competitive products for our customers and protection of shareholder assets.


(1) Injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. (2) The fundamentals that deliver excellence in safety will help us to achieve a superior competitive advantage. (3) Being safe and helping others to be safe epitomizes our respect and caring for each employee.


(1) Working safely is unequivocally our number one priority. (2) We are all accountable for ourselves and for the safety of every employee and contractor in the workplace. (3) Working safely is a condition of employment. (4) Our efforts must be focused on prevention of injury and occupational illnesses. (5) Safety excellence requires dedicated and demonstrated leadership - everyone, including management is responsible and accountable. (6) We will meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations. (7) We must continually strive for a goal of zero injuries and illnesses.